Adults & Older Adults


Music therapy for adults ages 18-65 is highly individualized. We are experienced in providing music therapy that includes working on goals such as vocational training and retention, decreasing stress and anxiety, developing coping skills, and developing and maintaining independence and interdependence.

Music therapy for adults can be provided in group homes, work centers, WBMT office, personal homes, and adult day programs.

Adults & Older Adults

Older Adults

Music therapy for older adults can be provided individually or in a group setting. We are experienced in working with adult living care centers to develop music therapy programs designed for specific needs of the center. We strive to help the center find innovative ways to decrease the need for psychotropic medications for their residents and to help the residents: decrease agitation, participate in group activities, interact with others, assist memory recall, increase range of motion, enhance reality-based interactions, and improve quality of life.