Music Fusion

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What is Music Fusion?

Music Fusion is our music enrichment program developed and implemented by board-certified music therapists. Specifically for children, Music Fusion is primarily offered at childcare centers. The program focuses on integrating a variety of music experiences with helping children develop their cognitive, social, communication, and motor skills. Music Fusion teachers bring opportunities for children to engage with instruments, songs, and movement props in a creatively educational way.

Music Fusion aims to partner with child care centers that want to provide their children the most well-rounded experiences that strengthen childhood development. Music Fusion is offered to age groups as a thirty-minute weekly class on a session basis (8,11,or 15 weeks). In addition, we also offer a parent-elective/pull-out option.

Music Fusion is also offered at specialty programs and summer camps for campers of all ages and abilities. We will work with your specific camp schedule and needs to create and implement a music program designed just for you!

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