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Messiah Lifeways Blog: Music Therapy

December 2018

"Close your eyes and try humming your favorite song. Perhaps it’s a song from your wedding day or a children’s tune learned on Grandma’s lap. Is it a hymn? A piano sonata? A classic love song from a special high school dance? Music surely evokes powerful memories but its power reaches far beyond nostalgia – music heals. A growing body of medical research asserts that music therapy improves quality of life and can decrease pain perception, reduce the use of opioid painkillers, restore lost speech, reduce agitation, and more."...

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WB Music Therapy Participates in Music and Dementia Expert Roundup

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 Music and Dementia Expert Roundup.

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Music Therapy Can Be Good Medicine

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Annual Music Gathering

WBMT hosts an annual Music Gathering for music therapy clients to demonstrate learned skills and achievements in music therapy. This is a fun, family-friendly event that people look forward to each year. View some photos from past Music Gatherings.

1st Annual Music Gathering

2nd Annual Music Gathering

3rd Annual Music Gathering

4th Annual Music Gathering

NEW 5th Annual (2018) Music Gathering