How to Start Services

  1. Make a referral
    Please fill out our referral form below and e-mail or mail it to us. You may also call us to make a referral.


  2. Schedule an intake
    An intake is a verbal conversation involving important members of the participant’s treatment team. We’ll talk about the participants strengths, needs, and preferences. This process allows the team to build rapport and assist the music therapist in goal planning.


  3. Schedule and Conduct a Music Therapy Assessment
    WBMT uses the Individualized Music Therapy Assessment (IMTAP). This is a standardized assessment procedure that will offer comprehensive data on the participant and will help to generate appropriate goals and objectives for a treatment plan.


  4. Develop Treatment Plan
    This process will take up to 3 weeks. Once the assessment sessions are completed, your music therapist will develop a plan for you.


  5. Come to Music Therapy
    You will be assigned a standing appointment each week. During sessions, therapeutic interventions may include instrument playing, moving to music, singing, listening to music, and songwriting.


  6. Documenting Progress
    Each session, data is collected on the objectives outlined in the treatment plan. Session notes are written and progress summaries are submitted quarterly (unless otherwise arranged).