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My son, Jordan, has received music therapy with Kristyn for about 13 years. It has been one of the highlights of his week!. They work on communication and different stretches and reaches for both arms. When this is incorporated with music it is more successful and fun. I highly recommend music therapy for anyone who loves music and has any type of disablity. Kristyn is a very compassionate and intuitive individual. She is great to work with! RoseAnne Horan Google Review Rating:
Our daughter has received Music Therapy from WB for over 10 years and we cannot say enough great things about this wonderful organization and specifically co-owner, Kristyn Beeman. She has brought out the best in our daughter during Music Therapy sessions. and helped her to perform tasks like reaching, vocalizing, movement that she only does during the session. And the smiles and happiness Kristyn brings out of our daughter is amazing. Would HIGHLY recommend WB Music Therapy! Nicole Google Review Rating:
Music Therapy has made OUR residents so Happy! With all our Residents that are Diagnoses with some form of Dementia it is sometimes difficult to reach them when they are unable to verbalize what is happening to them. WB Music Therapists have made a connection with these residents and to see them come alive is amazing! I can't thank you both enough on how you have touched our lives and the lives of our resident! Shannon Harvey Google Review Rating:
I have see these Woman in action and can't describe how incredible it is. Kathy Stone Google Review Rating:

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Communication has always been a struggle for our son.  Jason is 27 years old, developmentally delayed, with a seizure disorder and a heart anomaly.  The frustration of trying to get a thought out would bring silence or anger.  Words come out backwards or missing sounds, if at all.  His abilities, both physically and mentally, are inconsistent.  Music has always had a special place in Jason’s life from the moment he gets up until he falls asleep at night – the one constant joy.

We learned about music therapy from a friend, and it has been such a blessing for our son!  He has always been bashful and insecure, so he benefits from one-on-one instruction and attention.  We have been coming once a week for six years and he still gets excited!  Coordination, speech, mental and physical abilities are challenged every session in a musical context.  He is learning to recognize, express and deal with his emotions by writing a song about them or singing and dancing to music.  Fine and gross motor skills are used in a well-planned schedule of activities.  We have witnessed improvement in expression, attitude and independence since he started.

Carol from Harrisburg, PA

We have a 54 year old developmentally disabled daughter whose background is similar to that of others in her age group.  Her early education consisted of "Trainable" classes where she was taught to be quiet and sit still.  There was no effort to seek out the talents of each person, rather they were taught to conform to a strict routine, which caused her to be non-verbal and withdrawn.  This environment continued through her public education years, and a workshop experience, with the result that by the time she was close to 40 she communicated with grunts and occasional pointing.

About 10 years ago we were introduced to a "new" program, Music Therapy.  Regular sessions were started.  Since then, we have seen a dramatic and continuing improvement in her communication skills. She speaks in full and understandable sentences; she expresses her feelings and has changed from a difficult to manage to a cheerful and happy lady.  Her memory recall is extraordinary, often commenting in full detail about things that happened twenty to thirty years ago. She still shows signs of being bashful and occasionally withdrawn.  Psychologists have told us that developmentally disabled people are patterned by their environment, and it takes as long to change the patterning as it did to create it.

This information and our personal experience confirm the value of music as a therapeutic option for the developmentally disabled.  We strongly believe that system managers at all levels should be seeking out every opportunity for those who are mentally impaired to grow to the full level of their talents and potential.

Don from Myerstown

When I heard about music therapy, I knew that my daughter would benefit from it. She is 6 years old and has autism. She has only recently begun to speak and music therapy is perfect for her! I now hear her singing in the car and singing along to the hymns in church. Kristyn uses various techniques through music to help my daughter improve her speech, behavior, and cognitive abilities. Kristyn’s approach is right in line with what our speech therapist is doing. I can honestly say that music therapy is one of the best things we have done to help our daughter.

Julie from Lebanon

Many of my clients have greatly benefited from music therapy. They gain many necessary skills from participating in music therapy with a few being - visual, auditory and tactile experiences, physical involvement, psychological understanding, increasing on-task behavior, improving social skills, emotional functioning, eye-hand coordination, and life skills. Music therapy focuses on the various needs or situations my clients may be involved in, for example, sibling conflicts, depression, and poor self-advocacy. The music affects each child in a manner that is appropriate for them and the skills they develop in music therapy is then transferred to other aspects of their lives. It is a holistic form of therapy that should be available to everyone.

Behavioral Specialist from Lebanon

Our son started music therapy last January and we were so pleased with his progress that we added both of our daughters to Kristyn's caseload. Stephen is autistic and has always had difficulty expressing his emotions and dealing with change. Ruth had major anxiety and sensory issues and Hannah is dealing with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Anxiety. Kristyn has worked with all three on expressing their emotions, handling change, and dealing with their anxiety in a healthy way. We have been thrilled with their progress. It is so neat to see them express themselves in music AND have fun doing it.

Vanessa from Harrisburg

At a time in our son's life when we were desperate, we discovered music therapy with Melanie. At age 16, our son Greg had stopped talking, had stopped dressing himself and brushing his teeth, and was a behavior concern at school and at home. His inability to make choices and complete other independent behaviors were the most serious problems we had encountered to date. Melanie created Greg's program, creating special materials to deal with his individual needs, brought music into his life and helped to bring him back. Today, after adding behavioral modification, music therapy, intense daily fluency training and specialized programs at school which included music therapy, we have a son who works for a living, who talks more and more each day and who engages in life more fully and happily! The human brain reacts positively to music, and with knowledgeable and caring therapists, our son's life was changed.

To top it off, Melanie inherently knew how to counsel us to help return sanity to an insane household. The professionalism, talent and concern for our needs puts Melanie Walborn at the top of our list for therapists who have helped us the most!

Martha from Harrisburg