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Amethyst Retreat Center, 44 Buffalo Creek Road, Duncannon, PA 17020

Mandala Creation and The Great Round:
A Self-Awareness Retreat for the Music Therapist

Summary of Retreat Schedule

  • Thursday 12:00p– 9:00pm: Retreat Begins, Great Round and Stages Introduction, Mandala Assignments

  • Friday 7:30a-7:30pm: Mandala Stages and Mandala Assignments

  • Saturday 7:30a-8pm: Mandala Assignments, Individual Great Round Sunday 7:30a-5:30p Individual Great Round, Closing/ Evaluations


WBMT believes to fully develop as a therapist, it is essential to investigate all that you are and hope to become. We work under the premise that you can never take a client anywhere you have not been willing to go yourself. Because this work can be intense and requires a great amount of trust, enrollment is kept to 10 participants or less. The environment is kept safe, structured, intimate, nurturing, and away from everyday pressures and concerns. This retreat is part of an ongoing self-awareness journey. And as we know - we never stop learning and growing. An experience of this type has the power to jump start a stalled journey, catapult a stuck journey, validate the present or open a wonderful new area to explore!


Personally: Participants have the opportunity to investigate and confront themselves and each other on various issues. As a group, we become a holding space for others to do their work. Participants are witnesses to each others’ process. What a privilege and honor that is!


Professionally: As therapists, participants will experience exactly what is asked of our clients on a daily basis in music therapy sessions. Participants are able to experience first hand the apprehension, mistrust and frustration of being asked to share parts of themselves that are less comfortable to share. Addressing personal issues is key to investigating how you run your sessions. It has everything to do with the music you choose, the instruments you use, the topics you address and the clients you accept.


Amethyst Retreat Center, an inspiring environment dedicated to discovering innovative and meaningful ways of living, learning and healing. More than a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary, it is a center for an evolving culture of wellness. In this south central Pennsylvania location you will find 144 acres of pristine land adorned with the natural beauty of old growth forest, natural wetlands, and grasslands which display an ecosystem thriving with flora and fauna.



Gretchen Patti, MS, FAMI, MT-BC will lead participants in this intimate and thought provoking event. Gretchen holds a B.S. in Music Therapy from Elizabethtown College and is a board certified music therapist. She received her M.S. in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Psychology from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. Gretchen is a Fellow in the Association for Music and Imagery. Gretchen has over 30 years of experience serving individuals and groups with intellectual disabilities, trauma, substance abuse issues, and adults with dementia diagnoses. She has been facilitating self-awareness retreats for over 20 years. Gretchen currently maintains a private practice in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music and provides individual and group music therapy. Gretchen’s passion is using music to help others to achieve their goals and dreams for their life.




  • Gain a functional understanding of the Stages of the Great Round

  • Using individual/personal Great Rounds, gain a recognition of one’s professional and personal biases, feelings and behaviors that affect the therapeutic process.

  • Using created mandalas, improvised music and personal Great Rounds, examine areas for professional growth and establish a plan of action worksheet to achieve growth in at least one area.

  • Provide and accept comments to/from colleagues during examination of each personal Great Round.

  • Create a mandala of the following:

    • A bias, feeling or behavior that affects the therapeutic process

    • Professional effectiveness and competence

    • A physical or mental health struggle

    • An area where you need professional growth

    • Healing Using 1 color only - must be the same medium

    • Using black or blue paper

    • Using mixed media - You as a whole being

  • Create a personal Great Round in order to gain insight into areas of professional effectiveness/competence as well as areas of need.



$750 (flexible payment options available)

37 CMTEs, including lodging and meals for three nights and four days.

Following registration, a $200 deposit will be required to secure your spot. The remaining balance is due by August 6. If you must cancel  your reservation before July 30th, you will be refunded 50% of your total paid registration costs. There will be no refund provided if cancellation occurs on or after August 6th.

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