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WBMT partners with other Board Certified Music Therapists to serve your needs and provide quality music therapy. Learn more about who we contract with:





Sarah recently graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory with her Bachelor of Music Therapy and a minor in Psychology. She thoroughly enjoyed completing her internship at Easterseals Midwest Autism Services and received her board certification in April 2021. Sarah has been contracting with WBMT since August 2021. Outside of WBMT, you can find her writing and recording her own music and hopes to begin teaching music lessons soon! If you count her voice, she currently plays 9 instruments! Way to go, Sarah! "What motivates me to be a music therapist is seeing the power of music reach people in ways that other therapies can't. Our work is so special and important!"



Michele graduated from Elizabethtown College and has been contracting with WBMT since 2018. Michele has also worked with Heartland Hospice since 2015. One of her favorite quotes is "Bloom where you're planted!" Her music therapy career (and life!) has taken her to many unexpected places, but each has been a new opportunity to learn, grow, and bloom. When asked about her music therapy why, Michele says that "music therapy has been a perfect blend for me of my love of music and my love of people. Music is such an amazing tool for making that connection with people and helping them move towards wellness in all areas. I love being part of the process!"



Gretchen has over 30 years experience in the field of music therapy and has been contracting with WBMT since 2019. She received her Bachelors of Science in Music Therapy from Elizabethtown College, her Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration from St. Joseph's University, and her Fellow in Association of Music and Imagery from Creative Therapies Institute. Beyond facilitating WBMT Retreats, Gretchen is the Director of Community Homes at Apex Health Care Services. When asked what motivates her to work in this field, she states "I've known I wanted to be a music therapist since Junior High School. Music is a healing gift. Studying how it affects the body, mind, and soul solidified my intuitive understanding of how the healing works. Being a music therapist allows me to use this gift to help others as they travel through the journey of life. To assist and bear witness to others' process is an unbelievable honor and privilege." Although Gretchen continues to educate herself by attending conferences, reading books, and learning from every experience and person she encounters.



Hannah has been contracting with WB Music Therapy since May 2021, after completing her internship at AdventHealth in Orlando, Florida, and becoming board certified in March 2021. She graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy with a minor in psychology, and currently holds the certification for Music Therapy in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As a new professional, Hannah is very excited to continue growing and learning from her wide range of clients. Her clients are her "music therapy why" and what continues to motivate her work in this field. Here's what she has to say: "My catch phrase is “you can do it” and I have lots of little stickers, pins, and pictures in different locations to always remind me. It's an amazing privilege and honor to encourage, support, and grow with each person I serve." 



Lindsay has been a board certified music therapist since January 2019. She graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2018 with a Bachelors of Music in Music Therapy degree and a minor in psychology. Lindsay has been contracting with WB Music Therapy since 2019 and loves the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals including older adults, young adults and kiddos, substance use rehabilitation, and foster youth. Lindsay feels inspired from the individuals she serves and learns something from them every day. She loves making music with her clients and seeing them reach their fullest potential! Lindsay lives in York with her husband and golden retriever pup, Noodle.



Jacqui is from Quakertown, PA and graduated from Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy. After her undergraduate coursework, Jacqui completed an internship at Clarion Psychiatric Center where she worked with adults and adolescents in an acute psychiatric setting. Jacqui continued to work at Clarion Psychiatric Center before transitioning to WB Music Therapy, LLC. She obtained her board certification in 2021 and is currently a member of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). Jacqui lives in Hershey, PA and enjoys playing with her cat, songwriting, or going for a hike on sunny days. 

Jacqui believes that the combination of society’s love of music and humanity’s innate desire for creativity, allows for the success of music therapy. She strives to bring all clients an individualized and humanistic approach to treatment while looking for the good in every situation.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou 

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