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WB Music Therapy accepts rolling applications for independent contractor music therapists to serve individuals and/or groups in south central PA.

Male Teacher Playing Guitar


WB Music Therapy contracts with board certified music therapists to serve individuals and/or groups in south central PA. Contractors serve children, adolescents, adults, and older adults through our music therapy program and young children in Music Fusion, our early childhood music enrichment program.


We often serve individuals who have diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, ADD and AD/HD, Anxiety Disorder, Dementia, Depression, ODD, and those in addiction recovery. 

We accept rolling applications. Click "Apply Now" below and we'll be in touch. In order to fulfill a contracted position, you may be required to enroll with the PA Department of Human Services as well as become credentialed with a local managed care organization. 

Please submit your application if you are a board certified music therapist (or preparing to be seated for the exam) who:

  • is highly independent and a problem solver

  • is flexible with scheduling and quickly responds to emails and phone calls

  • has a passion for doing music therapy with a variety of individuals and diagnoses

  • displays professionalism and a confident presence

  • is detailed and organized

  • can clearly and professionally communicate the benefits of music therapy with client families and other professionals

  • is empathetic with a desire and will to grow personally and professionally

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