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Our 5-step process makes it easy to begin services. Start by submitting a referral and we will guide you from there.

Piano Practice


Please complete our referral form below and return by email, fax, or mail. You may also contact us to make a referral.

For group sessions within facilities, please contact us to set up a meeting where we can discuss needed frequency, group size and goals to be addressed.


An intake is a verbal conversation involving important members of the participant’s treatment team. We’ll talk about the participant's strengths, needs, and preferences. This process allows the team to build rapport and assist the music therapist in goal planning.


WBMT uses the Individual Music Therapy Assessment Profile (IMTAP) for most assessment sessions. This is a standardized assessment procedure that will offer comprehensive data on the participant and will help to generate appropriate goals and objectives for a treatment plan.


This process will take up to 3 sessions. Once the assessment sessions are completed, your music therapist will develop a plan for you.


You will be assigned a standing appointment each week. During sessions, therapeutic interventions may include instrument playing, moving to music, singing, listening to music, and songwriting.


Each session, data is collected on the objectives outlined in the treatment plan. Session notes are written and progress summaries are submitted at a frequency arranged by the team.


  • We are registered with the Department of Human Services in the state of Pennsylvania and can accept some medical assistance insurances. If you are enrolled with PerformCare (previously CBHNP) and your child is between the ages of 3-21, they may be eligible for coverage of music therapy services to address their behavioral health needs.

    We are a credentialed provider for PerformCare.  Music therapy services provided through medical assistance, are only available in our approved outpatient office location at 119 N 8th St. Lebanon, PA.

  • Some Early Intervention programs will cover your music therapy services. Please contact your Service Coordinator to make a referral.

    We are not a registered provider for Early Intervention.

  • Many assisted living, skilled nursing, and continuing care retirement communities pay for music therapy services through budgets from a variety of levels of care and service options.  Endowments, grants, and donor funds are also sources of funding for music therapy.

  • Hospice music therapy services are considered part of a patient's care plan and therefore, eligible to be funded through CMS monies provided to the hospice agency. We provide hospice music therapy services per diem for hospice agencies and care facilities that choose to elect a music therapist as part of the interdisciplinary care team.   We also serve people who desire to privately pay for services.

  • Music therapy is an eligible service through the Person/Family-Directed Support and Home and Community-Based waivers offered in PA.

    We are not a registered provider for these PA waiver programs.

  • Artistic/cultural programs are specifically mentioned in Attachment 1 of the Federal regulations for IDEA '97 as "other developmental, corrective, or supportive services (such as artistic and cultural programs, art, music, and dance therapy) if they are required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education in order for the child to receive FAPE" (U.S. Department of Education, 1999a, p. 12548) If the IEP team determines that music therapy is an appropriate related service for a child, the team's determination must be reflected in the child's IEP, and the service must be provided at the public's expense and at no cost to the parents. For more information, please visit the Music Therapy and Special Education Fact Sheet located on the AMTA website.

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